Married to my cuckold subby. Who has been locked since 16/08/2016. And love I it. I'm also a findom and I also pimp subby out as a dom and a sub. If you want mine or his time you have to tribute to show you're serious. Hate time wasters. Enjoy the blog.

We finally got a few hours alone. My oldest child has stayed at his father's and our youngest is fast asleep in bed. 

And what a day and experience we had today. 

Subby has been wearing these under his man clothes all day and we went shopping I had his key on show ont he outside of my top, i made him wear only a t shirt so the bra was visible through it, luckily for him we didn't see anyone we knew but unfortunately for him we did start speaking to a couple, we had passed a few times throughout the shop and the woman looked at the key a few times and his chest. Then just as we finished the conversation she suddenly said to me 

"Sorry to be rude but we have passed you both a few times today and we have noticed your key, can I ask if it's for what we think it is for?" 

I replied "and what would that be" and smiled at her. 

"Is it a chastity key" she replied.  Once I said yes it is she said " we thought so because we have seen you ordering him around and waving the key in his face and we over heard you say to him that you would make him take his top off and walk around in his bra if he answered you back again"

At this point subby was severely blushing and didnt know where to look. Then she looked at him and said "dont worry, my husband is in the same position" and showed us her key. 

So me and her swapped numbers and are planning a meeting. 

Great day all around. Haha xx

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